Mustard “Strong”

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Mustard “Strong” is a taste which makes people to lose their breath. It consists of ground grains of natural mustard, vinegar, sunflower oil, turmeric and other spices, which in combination gives a hot, vivid taste. It is recommended to use strong mustard with meat dishes, as a light spread on bread, as well as for the homemade meat jelly. Trying to diversify your dishes you can add the mustard to the meat sauce and also serve it as a seasoning for garnish and fish.
Ingredients: water, mustard powder (23,8 %), sugar, sunflower oil, salt, acidity regulator – acetic acid, stabilizer – xanthan gum, turmeric, spice extracts.

Net weight (g)210
Linear dimensions  (mm)60х60х105
Pieces per package6
Package weght (kg)2,32
Shelf life(days)180
Pieces per pallet2160


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