“Spicy savory” sauce

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“Spicy savory” sauce is another variation of a truly spicy seasoning. Its specialty is in unique contents: it harmoniously combines tomato paste, mixed with apple puree and nutmeg extracts, cinnamon, garlic, and the like. All this gives a unique flavor to “Spicy savory” sauce that is perfectly combined with meat and fish dishes. The rich taste of the seasoning is suitable for vegetables, soups and other dishes. It is created specifically for those who like products that are hotter than traditional chili peppers.
Ingredients: drink water, tomato paste, sugar, apple puree, modified corn starch, salt, acetic acid, extracts of spices, preservatives – sorbic acid, sweetener-acesulfame potassium.

Net weight (g)485
Linear dimensions  (mm)85х85х120
Pieces per package12
Package weght (kg)9,16
Shelf life(months)12
Pieces per pallet972


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